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Customer Promise

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Comprehensive Roof Inspection
• Determine what needs to be done.

Inspect For Ventilation
• Helps prevent moisture damage to your roof deck and your house.
• Opportunity to save energy costs.
• Ensures compliance with codes.
• Meets shingle warranty requirements.

Check Local Building Codes
• Makes sure work will comply with local requirements.

Consult With You
• Present what I will do to install a quality roof system.
• Let me know your preferences.

Provide References
• Gives you an opportunity to see my work.
• Gives you confidence in my work.
• Allows you to select the shingle design and color your want.
• Provides you with information about me, my company, and my professional and trade associations.

Develop & Submit Written Proposal
• Defines exactly what I will do and gives you a detailed cost estimate, including:
• Product literature and samples for your review.
• Copies of manufacturer's and our warranties.

• A complete list of required permits.