Pre-Installation Job Setup... Why It's Important

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Obtain Necessary Building Permits
• Makes sure the job meets local building codes
• Assures I am licensed to work in your local community
• Avoids fines for you
• Avoids unnecessary cost of corrective construction

Schedule The Job
• Lets you plan for your new roof.
• Reconfirming night before job starts avoids last minute scheduling conflicts with you.
• Makes sure the job is complete and on-time.

Hold Pre-Job Meeting
• Review basic and job-specific safety issues to prevent accidents.

Confirm Proper Material Delivered
• Makes sure I'm installing what you asked for.
• Allows job to start and proceed on schedule.
• Assures the material is not damaged.

Properly Store Material
• Protect the shingles and other products from damage before the products are installed.
• Keep the house and yard neat and safe during the entire roofing project.

Necessary Equipment At Job Site
• Avoids installation delays.
• Right tools allow for correct installation.

Protect House and Landscaping
• Cover shrubs and pool to prevent any damage.
• Install chutes and tarps to prevent any damage to the exterior of your home.

Your Roof Installation... Why It's Important

Check Weather Forecast
• Prevents interior water damage caused from unexpected storms leaking through an exposed roof deck.
• Avoids moisture damage to roof deck and roofing materials.

Check Job Site Conditions
• Each day we make sure we have safe access to the site and the roof to prevent accidents and job delays.

Remove Old Roof
• Allows for inspection and repair to the roof deck.
• Provides smooth roof deck to apply the new roof.

Install Leak Barrier...
• Extra protection at most vulnerable areas of the roof.

Install Roof Deck Protection (Felt)...
• Provides an additional layer of water shedding protection under the shingles.
• Minimized "picture framing" or outline of deck panels caused by irregularities in the thickness of your deck.
• Required by building codes.

Install All Metal Drip Edges
• Protects the roof edge from water infiltration.

Address Flashing Details
• Flashing details around chimneys, soil stacks, ventilators and vertical wall joints are the most likely point of leakage.

Construct Smooth Unobstructed Valleys... An Especially Vulnerable Place For Leakage
• Sloping roof planes direct water to the valley, the valley must be constructed to carry water away quickly.

Prepare For & Install Ventilation System
• Prevents moisture damage to your roof deck and house.
• Provides great energy cost savings.
• Insures compliance to codes.
• Meets shingle warranty requirements.

Apply Horizontal And Vertical Chalk Lines
• Provide a visible guideline to follow to correctly line up the shingles for proper exposure and coverage.

Begin Shingle Installation With Starter Strip
• Protects roof by filling in spaces under the cutouts and edges of the first shingle course.
• Helps seal the first course down effectively, which is especially important to protect against high winds.

Install Quality, Brand Name Roofing Materials
• Provides quality weather protection, fire protection and beauty to the exterior of your home.

Install Protective Hip & Ridge Caps
• Provides the finishing touch to protect your roof investment.

Daily Job Site Cleanup
• Ladders and equipment in the yard and around the house are potential causes of accidents.
• Maintains clean appearance, so house does not look like a construction site.

After The Roof Is Finished... Why It's Important

Remove All Debris From The Roof
• I want the roof to look attractive and show off my fine craftsmanship.

Final Rooftop Inspection
• Confirms the roof is installed properly.

Final Site Cleanup
• Ensures no litter or equipment is left at your home.

Homeowner Inspection
• Make sure that you are satisfied.

Provide Extra Matching Shingles
• Lets you make minor repairs with matching shingles.

Deliver Warranties
• Provides you with peace of mind.

Our Standards:
The above quality service, unmatched superior product installation and workmanship will give you the peace of mind you need when installing a new roof. Remember your not just installing shingles, you are installing a roofing system that will last for the years to come.

The quality products and services installed by Roof Werks are at no additional charge and are covered in full by the estimate provided by your insurance company.

Roofing System

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